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Review: What I Saw by Beck Nicholas




Title: What I Saw


Author: Beck Nicholas




One punch will shatter a town. But is anyone ready for the consequences of telling the truth? A stunning new YA novel about the complicated romance between a girl with everything on the line and a boy with nothing to lose following a king hit incident that leaves the high school golden boy in a coma, from the author of FAKE.

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What I SawWhat I Saw by Beck Nicholas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I always try to think how the story will pan out, what direction it will take while reading. So when I read the beginning two chapters, so what I thought was not how the story went. My imagination was off the tangent. Which I liked.
The story takes over three days. Page 42 had an amazing twist and I freaking didn't saw that coming. Love getting surprises in the books.
I enjoyed the book but the insta love between Callie and Rhett was a little to instant. So when they thought about each other, sometimes it was cringy and sometimes I rolled my eyes. As I said the story takes place over three days and they fall in love in three days, well less cuz on the third day the story has come to an end.
Aside from romance I liked the plot and the characters.

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Beck Nicholas

Beck Nicholas always wanted to write. Since studying science at university, she’s worked as a lab assistant, a pizza delivery driver and a high school teacher, but she always pursued her first dream of creating stories. Now, she lives with her family near Adelaide, halfway between the city and the sea, and she’s lucky to spend her days (and nights) writing young adult fiction.

When she’s not writing, Beck will most likely be found reading or watching sport (since participating is beyond her coordination levels). In the early morning, before the day of writing, kid wrangling and reading begins, she runs. When it’s just her and the road (and her protesting muscles) she lets the characters in her head share their problems and a story begins.

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