Review Policy

Review Policy

Reviewing is one way of sharing of my thoughts about books. That's why I love to do that. The books I review are my own, a review copy or a book won in a giveaway. My reviews are my own honest opinions and are not biased irrespective of how I got it.
My review consist whether I liked it or not and my thoughts about plot line and characters. They don't contain description/ summary. I don't like reading reviews with summary which give away the plot.

What genres I read:

I read fictions mostly YA but I love every genre. Sci-fi, action, thriller, mystery, romance, historical-fics, horror. Just give me somethin' to read. What matters is story and hooking plot line.
I've started reading graphic novels and mangas as well. It's like finding love for reading again.

What I don't read:

I don't read eroticas, they are not for me.

Preferred format:

Physical books and ebooks (Kindle/mobi).

I review books within four weeks. I try reading ARCS before release dates but it is not always possible. If you are sending me a book let me know about the timeline. I read what I'm in mood of, like right now I digging fantasy. 

I won't post a review if I didn't liked the book on my blog but I'll post it on GR.  

Where I post my reviews:

Amazon In and US, GR and on my blog.

I support indie and self published authors. So don't hesitate in contacting me. I just want a good read and book I'll enjoy.

If you are interested having me review your books or have any questions contact me at

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.